Set List from the Lighthouse 03/11/17

Wow...this was one for the books! Thanks to everyone who came out...we loved playing in front of you.

Lighthouse Café 3/11/2017: 
SET 1 
Big River (Johnny Cash / Grateful Dead) 
Fat Man in the Bathtub (Little Feat) 
Climb to Safety (Jerry Joseph / Widespread Panic) 
Squonk (Genesis) 
Come On, Come Over (Jaco Pastorius) 
Inca Roads (Frank Zappa) 
Custard Pie (Led Zeppelin) 
Stash (Phish) 
Born Under Punches (Talking Heads) >> 
Cross-Eyed and Painless (Talking Heads) 
Pigs (3 Different Ones) (Pink Floyd) 
Your Move / All Good People (Yes) 

SET 2 
Closer to the Heart (Rush) 
The Carpet Crawlers (Genesis) 
Hoedown (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) 
Ain’t Life Grand (Widespread Panic) >> 
Sibierian Khatru (Yes) 
Behind the Lines (Genesis) >> 
Duchess (Genesis) 
Maze (Phish) 
In Time (Sly & the Family Stone) 
Hush (Deep Purple) 
Sheep (Pink Floyd) 
Life During Wartime (Talking Heads) 
Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)

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