Set List from 8/27/16- The Lighthouse

Thanks for everyone who came out to the Lighthouse yesterday...we loved having you with us! For those who missed it, we hope to see you soon. Here's what happened...

SET 1 
Kid Charlemagne (Steely Dan) 
Carpet Crawlers (Genesis) 
The Chamber of 32 Doors (Genesis) 
Squonk (Genesis) 
Closer to the Heart (Rush) 
Close to the Edge (Yes) 
Ain't Life Grand (Widespread Panic) 
Chalk Dust Torture (Phish) 
Carouselambra (Led Zeppelin) >> 
Inca Roads (Frank Zappa) 
Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes) 
SET 2 
Hoe Down (ELP) 
I Am the Slime (Frank Zappa) 
Hit It and Quit It (Funkadelic) 
In the Flesh (Pink Floyd) >> 
Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd) >> 
Waiting for the Worms (Pink Floyd) >> 
Stop (Pink Floyd) >> 
The Trial (Pink Floyd) >> 
I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan) 
Maze (Phish) 
Big River (Johnny Cash) 
Celebration Day (Led Zeppelin) 
Come On, Come Over (Jaco Pastorius) 
Dead Still Dance (ALO) 
I Know What I Like (Genesis) 
Starship Trooper (Yes)

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